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Moderne Lined Front Pocket Journal

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The Moderne Collection of hardcover journals sources the highest quality paper that allows your writing utensil to maneuver with grace around the page. Never again worry about ghosting to the other side of the sheet. Be proud to show off your hardcover journal at your next office meeting. Add all four Moderne hardcover notebooks to your collection and uncover how well the elegant, muted tones go together. Our hardcover front-pocket journals are built to last, which is why each notebook contains 224 lined pages, but cost 50% less than comparable high quality notebooks. Moderne Pocket Journals are great for recording your thoughts and capturing your ambitions. Perfect for note taking, daydreaming, revenge plotting, general tomfoolery, tic-tac-toe, day planning, learning a language, meditation journaling, middle of the night dream jotting, keeping a diary, business meetings, world domination, recording business ideas, capturing travel memories, List making, sketching, trip planning & more
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Set the tone at your event with professionally printed signage! Available as rigid signage or poster material. (Frame and easel not included)


18" x 24"

24" x 36"

36" x 48"

Custom Sizing Available Upon Request

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Moderne Lined Front Pocket Journal